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Outside Diameter 37.2mm _______________________________________________
Length 41mm
Weight (gr/oz) 140.gr / 4.94oz
Motor Shaft Dia. 5.0mm
Mounting Bolts Dia. M3
Max efficiency Current A * 35A
Peak current A (15 sec) * 45A
Battery pack range ** 2~4 LiPo / 5-12 NiCd
Poles 14
KV rpm/V 850kv
Recommended ESC PA Quantum 45
Peak Watts 500 watts

* Unrestricted airflow and air scoops are mandatory to ensure long service life and long term performance consistency. Extended Continuous Operation without the required cooling provisions may be detrimental to the coils and magnets and will void warranty. 

** PA 3cells (11.1V) 2200mAh V2 pack is recommended. With 4 cells pack the chosen propeller must fit within the motor's limits (current drawn).

Prop selection for PA2200mah 20C-40C V2 Packs 

APC 12x6E - Good lower range general sport propeller for the T40 with long flight duration.
VOX 13X6.5 - Good lower range overall propeller for aerobatics and basic 3D flying. It has very similar characteristics to the APC 13X6.5E with a little lower flight speed but with higher efficiency, longer flight duration and additional thrust. Good alternative with a sexy wood finish and lighter weight (faster spool up). It has a very nice prop sound as well.
VOX 13x7 - Offers a little more flight speed with less thrust than the VOX 13X6.5

VOX 13x8 - Excellent choice for IMAC and precision aerobatic flyers due to the faster constant flight speed.

VOX 14X7 - Perfect match to the Thrust 40! Excellent higher range propeller for 3D, freestyle aerobatics and pattern flying. Excellent balance of thrust and speed that allows a wider performance envelope for aggressive flying such as insane tumbles, walls, hard snaps, spins and fast KE spins. Double check the integrity of your plane’s motor box to ensure it can withstand the increased loads. This is THE prop for the Ultimate AMR especially for low and slow 3D. Even though it is much larger prop than the APC 13x6.5E it draws lower amps and produces a whopping 90.56oz of thrust!! This clearly demonstrates the efficiency and advantage of the VOX over the APC. Adequate airflow to cool down the motor and ESC is mandatory, as well as strict throttle management.

APC 14X7E - This is the highest range propeller for the T40 and a good overall prop for 3D and freestyle. A little faster flight speed BUT much lower efficiency (shorter flight duration) than the VOX 14x7 with less thrust, therefore we recommend the VOX 14x7 as a better alternative. NOTE: Adequate airflow to cool down the motor and ESC is mandatory, as well as strict throttle management. Not recommended for the Ultimate AMR.
VOX T40-X  - This is the highest range propeller for the T40 with the V2 pack and is an excellent overall prop for extreme 3D specifically tuned for slightly slower and graceful 3D. The added thrust and prop wash provide excellent traction when flying slow 3D such as slow harrier rolls and slow KE. It gives an excellent punch for recovery out of awkward situations especially when learning to hover or torque roll. Allows moderate speed maneuvers to still perform good tumbles and spins at a manageable pace. NOTE: Adequate airflow to cool down the motor and ESC is mandatory, as well as strict throttle management.

We recommend getting a few different size propellers with your Thrust 40 motor. Swapping a propeller is an easy task so you may want to
experiment and feel the difference to fit different style of flying. Also in a hot summer day you may want to use a smaller propeller while in a cooler day you can run the motor with a larger propeller.