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Airsail Ascender Update

The Airsail Ascender from Airsail's Vintage series has been a very popular kit for many years, hundreds have been sold and who knows how many extras have been built from the plan. Originally designed in 1939 as a free flight rubber powered model and in recent years as a RC electric power model using micro RC gear. Both variations have proven to be a very stable flyer.

The updated version will be larger to accomodate readliy available radio gear and scaled to fit within the new E Rubber Texico rules, all printed parts will be lazer cut including all the wing and tail ribs.

I have just started the pre production building stage now to iron out any issues (non so far) and will keep you up to date with the progress.

John Danks

JR Airsail

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  • Nice to hear the new Ascender has finally made the building board John. I look forward to your review and hopefully it will give those Gollywocks a run for their money. Put me down for one if it does.

    Dave Crook

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